House Rules


No pets are permitted.
No events or parties are permitted.
Smoking is not permitted inside the house.
Commercial filming or photography is not permitted.
Quiet hours are 00:00 – 08:00.
Check-in is from 12:00 on the first day of the booking.
Checkout is before 13:00 on the last day of the booking.
Maximum number of guests is five.
No electric car charging.

Guest Count

The maximum number of guests is five. The guest count should match the booking. The person who booked should be present throughout the stay and will be required to provide their permanent address details along with ID prior to hand-over.


Front door to be locked upon entering the house. Windows and external doors to be closed and locked when the house is not occupied.

Any valuables on the ground floor are to be kept out of sight from passers-by.

The front door has a Ring doorbell with a camera pointing out to the street. There is also a Ring stick up camera at the back of the property pointing at the car parking space. Both devices are capable of recording and sending video and audio. Recordings are stored for 30 days. Guests are not permitted to tamper with either device.


The property is in a residential area so noise such as amplified music should be kept to a minimum. We tend to quieten things down by 11pm-midnight at the latest and have not had any complaints.

The house is a modern house. The walls are not soundproofed. Our immediate neighbour will be able to hear you to a degree and you will hear them. Try not to get cross about that, this is city living.


No smoking, please. Vaping is fine though (take care not to set off the smoke alarms).


It’s fine to wear shoes on the hard floor downstairs but shoes should be taken off before going upstairs. There is a shoe rack in the hall.

Children & Infants

The house is unsuitable for younger children and infants in that there are not any stair gates, power socket covers or table edge protectors. Cleaning products, cleaning equipment and tools are also within easy reach. Non of the furniture is fixed to the walls.

Children aged 6 years+ are very welcome at the house, and the house is suitable for them.

Younger guests are to be encouraged to eat and drink on the ground floor only and so avoid spills throughout the house.


If you break anything let us know. Most things will come under normal wear and tear – we need to know so we can put everything right again for the next guests.

Candles & Naked Flames

Not permitted anywhere on the premises, neither inside nor outside.

Full Terms & conditions

Full terms & conditions can be found here.